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Applications: Focus on the automotive industry

Mould name: N356

Client: Jiakang Technology Co., Ltd.

Structural Features

The mold has large curved surface size and thin molding material, and it needs no air hole and water mark after injection molding. The requirements of flatness, deformation and straightness of the side foot post are high. In the development process, the mold is developed according to the basic properties of the applied raw materials, and the flow direction, pressure uniformity and gas emission of the melt in the mold cavity are designed to reduce the difficulty of injection molding and improve the production efficiency.

Processing Difficulty

The high-efficiency forming mold is very strict to the processing requirements. This mould is not only large in size and surface area, but also close to the plane. The accuracy of mould surface is required to be ± 0.03mm and the surface finish is Ra 0.8. The processing effect fully shows:

High rigidity and stability of machine casting and structure.

The assembly accuracy of each axis of the machine and the stability of the spindle is very high.

The accuracy of machine positioning and repeated positioning is very high.

The superior performance of the machine in processing circular and three-axis curved surface.

Components and Parts

Applications: automobile, household appliances

Client: Craftsfman electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Structural Features

It is applied in the field of semiconductor chip test. The design principle is to install pin in the hole of the part, accurately infer each solder joint of the chip, so as to achieve the purpose of conduction.

Because the design features of the chip (such as BGA) are small solder joints, compact layout and large number, the pinholes in the parts have the same features. The hole diameter of the product is 0.15mm, the hole spacing is 0.18mm, the thickness is 0.7mm, the accuracy requirements are ± 0.01mm, and the hole needs to be observed under 60 times magnifier without burr.

For this kind of products, through technical research, the core size of the parts can be stably processed to: the hole diameter is 0.1mm, the hole spacing is 0.13MM, the thickness is 0.6mm, and the accuracy requirements are ± 0.01mm.

Processing Difficulty

Following advantages of the machine tool:

Machine positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy are very high

High rigidity and stability of machine tool casting and structure.

High stability of machine spindle.

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