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Company History

Lampard (Jiangsu) Machinery Co,Ltd.,founded by a group of industry senior technical engineers, is a company integrating production, manufacturing and R&D. Its subordinates are Shanghai BIJI Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Chengyu Precision Machine Co., Ltd.


In 2007, established Changzhou Chengyu precision machine co., LTD., began to sell machine tools.


In 2010, set up production base in Shanghai and established Shanghai BIJI Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. In march of the same year, the first self-produced machining center was successfully marketed.


In June 2011, the first gantry machining center machine tool bj-p3022 with triaxial grating was installed and commissioned and put into use.


In May 2012, the first two-station horizontal machining center machine tool, bj-h500a, was put into service.


In August 2013, the first 3+2 five-axis machining center machine tool bj-lv850 was debugged and delivered.


In December 2017, our company strategically transferred and set up Lampard (Jiangsu) Machinery Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.


In 2018, our company's first high-speed machine tool gs-lv960, which is suitable for precision mould processing, has been successfully launched.


In May 2019, the first micro-scale machine tool LEOPART-precise V8 was successfully developed.

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