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Lampard (Jiangsu) Machinery Co,Ltd., always pursues excellence and inisists on innovation.

Located in the beautiful city, Suzhou, Jiangsu Lampard Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in development, design, production and manufacturing of machining centers. Products are widely used in metal stamping, electronics, household appliances, automobiles and other related fields.

Metal Stamping


Household Appliances


The company is equipped with perfect testing system, high precision measuring instruments and high precision professional processing equipment, with strong production and manufacturing capacity. At the same time, the core technology of products can be monitored to ensure quality stability and further innovation. Regular training of technicians and field visits to absorb new knowledge have laid a solid foundation for the company's new product development.

In order to meet all kinds of high-precision and high-performance processing requirements, at the beginning of the company's establishment, based on German machine tool manufacturing technology, it gathered like-minded excellent machine tool manufacturing talents, absorbed advanced technology and excellent management concepts from domestic and foreign counterparts, and devoted all efforts to the research and development of CNC machine tools in pursuit of perfect quality.

Lampard people hold a grateful heart to provide customers with efficient, stable and reliable product services and comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. With the best cost-effective products and perfect service system to provide customers the optimal solutions, so that customers can improve their products’ quality and competitiveness.

For the goal to provide perfect service,  Lampard  people  are  trying our best.


Lampard (Jiangsu) Machinery Co,Ltd., always pursues excellence and inisists on innovation.

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