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All You Need To Know About High Speed Machining

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Are you still contemplating using high-speed machining in your work? Yea, you need to know what it is all about before using it. Besides, when you know what you use, you rest assured of the outcome.


High-speed machining is a well-designed machine that achieves a high rate of metal removal by combining high spindle speed with lighter milling and a high rate of feed.


Interestingly, this technique increases productivity, reduces cycle time, and increases the lifespan of the tool. Moreover, it enables the production of many parts with ease within a short time.


Looking at it, you can see that this machine is a good replacement for older cutting tools at a slower speed. While purchasing, contact a reliable and experienced manufacturer for a quality product.


Read on as we give you basic information about this well-designed cutting tool. In the end, you will be in the right position to make the right decision for your company.


Origin Of High-Speed Machining

In the 1920s, Dr. Carl Salmon from Germany invented high-speed machining. It occurred to him that the generated heat between the boundary of the cutting tool and the workpiece will be highest at a particular critical spindle speed. This discovery became the base that enables him to invent this simple but powerful machine.

 high-speed machining

Benefits of High-Speed Machining

There are numerous benefits of using this machine for your cutting task. Some of them are:

1. The technique extends the longevity of the equipment due to less stress on the machine as well as the cutting tool during operation.

2. There are fewer tears and wear on the tool compared to traditional machining.

3. There is no or little heat transfer of heat to the cutting material during the cutting process due to the feed rate and speed of the machine.

4. The turnaround time is minimized since less time is required for both cooling and hardening.

5. It saves both time, labor, and generate more revenue by increasing productivity.

6. Excellent surface finish with high accuracy.


Applications of High-speed Machining

Some of the uses of this easy to use, superfast, and powerful machine are:

1. It is used to produce molds that have complex core as well as cavity geometrics.

2. In the aerospace industry, it is used to make structural components due to its ability to produce very fast and light components with a low-pressure cut.

3. In die and mold applications, it is used to make surfaces that meet the needed shape accuracy.

4. For the production of components that can easily be distorted by heat.

5. To produce high-quality surfaces that requires little or no extra finishing or polishing. 


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