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Components And Applications Of Gantry Machining Centre

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One of the highly fabricated machines that are in-demand in the market is the gantry machining center. Initially, this machining center was built from a milling machine mid-way through the last century.


A gantry machining center is a specialized tool that can simultaneously handle high precision machining operations.


Considering its versatility and functionality, it’s important to source from a trusted and renowned gantry machining center manufacturer like Lampard.

 gantry machining center

Structural Component of Gantry Machining Center

In appearance, this equipment is a big size machine tool compared to other machines. They have small sizes that are called terminator and these are equipped with a stroke of over a thousand millimeters.


The gantry machining center has a frame that is made up of a pair of erect columns, sliding saddles, beams and other parts.


Based on the gantry frame, the gantry machining center can be of three types which are:


1. The mobile column gantry machining center

This has a worktable that is fixed while the gantry frame can move freely.


2. The mobile beam gantry machining center

The moving beam gantry machining center has a beam that vacillates, and the worktable moves freely in a back and forth manner.


3. Fixed-beam gantry machining center

Unlike the case of the moving beam type, the beam of the beam gantry machining center is immovable while the worktable is free to move.

In this type, the central pole is known as the gantry frame while the worktable is suitable for working on huge parts.

Application of Gantry Machining Center

This machining center equipment is a specially designed large tool for working on huge parts.


It is applicable mainly in heavy industries such as ships, mining, automobiles, aircraft etc.


It helps in the handling of relatively complex or large shaped workpiece, for example, ship beams or aircraft beam.


This machining center is designed and equipped for processing complex and large parts. They are ideal for various heavy industries.


Which brand is better for the gantry machining center?

Of course, there are numerous brands of gantry machining centers in the market, i.e. the domestic brand and the imported ones.


Experience has shown that most times, the imported brands are better in terms of performance, adaptability, reliability and accuracy compared to those built domestically.


Although the imported gantry machining center possesses high qualities that guarantee effective functioning and efficient processing, the price is, however, quite expensive. Not many processing industries have the financial strength or capacity to purchase an imported brand of the gantry machining center.


Lampard works closely with major companies in the world to provide a guarantee for the stable supply and quality of machine tool core parts.


Gantry machining center has many applications in the heavy industry and has a lot of benefits such as adaptability, optimum working function, reliability, etc.


Sourcing for the best products can somehow be hectic, but a diligent search in the market for a trusted and renowned gantry machining center manufacturer is essential.


Kindly check our list of products and find one that is  appropriate and good for your need.

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