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Development Status and Forecast of CNC Machine

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With the support of national policies and the continuous pursuit of innovation by domestic enterprises, China's CNC machine industry has developed rapidly, the scale of the industry has continued to expand, and its position in the international market has gradually improved.


The growth in production and technological advancement has reduced the required time for producing components including the capacity to manufacture components with a good finished surface.


CNC machines are the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry. The downstream industries of CNC machines are mainly the automotive industry, power industry, aerospace, electronic information and other industries. Due to differences in manufacturing processes, the types of demand for CNC machines in downstream industries are also different.


Also, recent machine alternatives are compact. They do not need any supervisor or operator to continuously supervise the machine operations. This reduces the demand for manual labor to save costs for the organization.


In addition, manufacturers are progressively concentrating on the present trends of technology in the aspect of CNC software to improve the connection of machines with the operators and to enhance flexibility around the shop floor area.


The technologies that are used in the CNC machine reduce the chance of error and period needed for producing the work-pieces. Therefore, manufacturers will prefer to select CNC machines like horizontal machining center instead of traditional machines.


Furthermore, manufacturers are bringing in new alternatives that can function in many operations like turning, cutting, facing, grinding, and cutting.


Those characteristics are growing the attendants’ flexibility and reducing the requirement for manpower or laborer at the shop floor.

 horizontal machining center

The freshly made machine designs are compact and need little floor space compared to the common machinery. Nevertheless, cost reduction in line with the maintenance of the machines is a significant issue for the producers.  


CNC machines are employed in energy and power, defense and aerospace, industrial, construction instrument, automotive, and many other huge producing plants.


The increase in expenses of using operators for each machinery is projected to further drive the demand for CNC machines that are automated over the projected time.


Advancements in technology have brought about applications and software development that permit managers to trace the actions that the operators are performing on the shop floor.


These characteristics allow the managers to embark on active choice-making to improve the unit’s productivity.


Then again, the installation and purchasing costs of the products can be an issue to the adoption of the market. Also, to operate the CNC machine, there is a need for skills and proper training by the operator to embark on preferred tasks.


The manufacturers have to embark on frequent maintenance plans to sustain the accuracy and surface finish of the work-pieces.


When there are unexpected breakdowns, the producers need to significantly increase the amount planned for maintenance compared to the initially planned amount. Parts of these factors are projected to affect the market growth to an extent.


More importantly, whenever you want to purchase a CNC machine such as a horizontal machining center, it is better to patronize a reliable machining center manufacturer for a high-quality product.


In the future, the development of CNC machines will be mainly reflected in the aspects of high speed, high precision, intelligence, flexibility and greening.


When manufacturing CNC machines, resource-saving process design and environmentally friendly process design should be considered. With the rapid development of the world economy, especially the acceleration of industrialization since the reform and opening up in the country, the pollution problems brought by it have become more and more serious, and the call for environmental protection has become higher and higher. As the core of professional manufacturing, CNC machine should also conform to the advantages of environmental protection and increase green design and manufacturing.


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