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Maintenance of Gantry Machining Centre

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The gantry machining center has proven to work perfectly for the processing of complex parts. Also, it’s one of the most extensively used CNC machine tools around the world.


This well-designed machine that consists of a numerical control system and mechanical equipment has high processing capability, high speed, accuracy, and high precession.


A quality gantry machining center from a reputable and renowned manufacturer works perfectly for any task.


The efficiency is about 10 times that of ordinary equipment. The machine can organize, design, and produce according to the requirement of the customer.  


However, maintenance is very important for every machine. The operation and functioning of the gantry machining center cannot work at optimum without proper maintenance.


Besides regular and adequate maintenance, the first step to an awesome working experience using a gantry machining center is investing in one from a reputable manufacturer.  


Read on as we give you guidance on how to maintain the gantry machining center for optimal operation and durability.

 Gantry Machining Center

Maintenance Of The Gantry Machining Center

The following are ways of maintaining the gantry machining center.


1. Electric Control Box

The electric control box is a very important component of the gantry machining center.


It must be kept clean and free from dust. Water and other fluids should not enter the box to avoid spark.


2. Oil Checking And Lubricating

All the necessary mechanical parts must be properly lubricated. The quantity of oil should be enough to keep the parts at optimum performance.


The oil should keep the machine safe and reliable for operation.


3. Coolant

Check the coolant to ensure that it is working properly. There should be no blockage or leakage of the coolant.


4. Appearance Of Computer

The screen of the computer should be kept clean as well as free from dust.


Organize folders on the screen to keep the appearance orderly. Delete junks to give room for an important document.


5. Sleeves And Handles

Place the sleeves and the handles in a neat place that is free from rust. Ensure that the screws do not loose or pull out.


6. The Spindle And The Tool Magazine

Allow the spindle to run at a low speed for at least 10minutes before using the machine to work.


The tool magazine should be checked when the machine is on. This will enable the machine to work properly as well as the easy detection of faults.


7. Cleaning of surfaces 

The inside and outside surfaces should be kept clean. When replacing any product, clean the relevant surfaces and environment to ensure proper working condition.


8. Timely Repair

Ensure to repair damaged parts as fast as possible. Check all the components of the machine to ensure the proper condition of the machine.


In case of any strange sound, contact the service center for professional advice.


9. The Toolbox

Keep the toolbox, both inside and outside clean. Place it in a neat place to ensure it is free from dust and rust. Also, the workpiece should be free from rust.


10. Table

The table should be clean, free from water, and strong enough to carry the weight of the gantry machining center.


There should be proper attention to the type of material used for placing the machine.



Every machine needs proper maintenance for optimum performance.


The maintenance of the gantry machining center is very important for proper operation. The above tips will keep the machine at its optimal performance.


Also, purchasing a quality gantry machining center from a reputable and renowned manufacturer is very important.

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