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Merry Christmas to Our Workers and Customers

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Year 2020 was great; we can say with all boldness that it is a year of many opportunities and great blessings. What happened in this year has not happened since the inception of the company, and the high speed machining industry has witnessed a whole lot of challenges and issues. But thankfully, we always manage to overcome each hurdle along the way.


The challenges of this year took another dimension. The outbreak of the COVID-19 greatly affected a lot of industry which we are not left out. But thankfully we are back again on our feet.


We have the opportunity many companies do not have, and many companies did not survive the epidemic as they are off the market.


But this was possible for us because of the great team of employees we have who are talented and our esteemed customers for their commitment and for not forsaking us in time of trouble.


During the epidemic, some of our business transactions with some of our customers halted and some things were not in place but we are glad because the issues were solved amicably with no loose from any of the parties.


For this reason the management of our company has sent out greetings and gift items to some of our customers, for the Christmas celebration to appreciate them for their support and trust over the years.


As it is well known, Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. It is a season to show love by sharing good things with people. It is a time to spend time with one’s family in celebration of the season.


So all of us from high speed machining industry use this opportunity to say thank you to our customers and clients and we wish them merry Christmas in advance.


As we celebrate our customers, so we celebrate our professional employees, they have been amazing. They work hard to keep this company growing. Their services and commitment is highly appreciated.

 Merry Christmas

It is with this joy that the management gave the entire employees gift items, food stuff and other things. We can boldly say that our company is able to reach this height today because of our employee’s proficiency at producing amazing machines.


We wish to inform all our customers that we are back to our full function after the epidemic. We wish all of you happy celebration


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