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Structure And Application Of Gantry Machining Center

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The smallest type of gantry machining center possesses a stoke that is more than 1000mm which is referred to as the terminator of the big vertical machining center. But relatively, the gantry machining center is a large tool.


The gantry machining center is mainly used to handle complex and large parts of a machine. Examples are aircraft and automobiles.


However, if you desire a high-quality gantry machining center, you need to connect with a reliable gantry machining center manufacturer for a good quality that will stand the test time.


Classification of gantry machining center structure

The frame attached to the gantry machining center is made up of two vertical columns, sliding saddles, beams, and other various components.


Based on the gantry frame, there can be a fixed beam of the gantry machining center, column gantry machine centers movement, and beam movement.


The method of operation can be as follows:

· When the beam located at the top of the gantry machining center is static, and the workbench moves;


· When the workbench of the relocating column gantry machining center is static, the frame of gantry travels.


·  And when the beam that is located on the moving beam travels up and then down, and the workbench travels to and fro.


The gantry machine center happens to be the vertical phase where the workbench and the shaft are located. This makes the machine to handle large scale-parts


The gantry machining center is the vertical state of the main shaft and the worktable, which is more suitable for processing large-scale parts.

 gantry machining structure

Application of gantry machining center

Generally, the gantry machine center is a big machine tool created for handling complex and large parts. The machine is appropriate for use in various industries but more appropriate in the industries with large parts.


Some of the industries where the gantry machine center is used are ships, automobiles, aircraft, and other large industries.


The major focus of the gantry machine center is to handle complex shapes and large work-pieces like some frame parts of large machinery and aircraft beam.


Which brand of gantry machining center is good?

There are a lot of gantry machining centers. This also includes imported and domestic ones found in China.


The best brand is the imported brands of gantry machining centers because the reliability, accuracy, and performance of the domestic gantry machining center cannot be compared with the imported ones,


The reason is that China's CNC machine tool is ten years apart in technology from advanced countries.


In this case, imported CNC machines can be said to be better than the domestic ones.


Also, the imported gantry machines are extremely expensive because of the quality.  


It is not all the common business owner can afford the imported, the purchasing of the imported gantry machines is mainly purchased the state-owned enterprise or another large enterprise.


However, a reputable gantry machining center manufacturer can provide reliable information about the best quality gantry machine to purchase depending on your specification and budget.



Gantry machine center is a big machine tool created for handling complex and large parts.


The imported gantry machines seem to be the best and are extremely expensive because of the quality.


If you need a quality gantry machine center, a gantry machining center manufacturer is the best company to make inquiries or to purchase the machine with high performance and accuracy.

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