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The Recent Trends in High Speed Machining

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High speed machining has become a popular term in the engineering world, used very often in almost all machining processes mostly because the term is not well defined.


This term must be properly defined for a better understanding of all that it entails.


It is a mechanical process that integrates high feed rates with high spindle speeds and lighter milling rates to produce a tremendously high metal-removal rate. 


It greatly helps in improving shop productivity in the cutting down of cycle time, hence, an increase in tool life.


High speed machining has found expression in almost all industries worldwide; from aerospace to instrumentation, to the automotive industry, and mold manufacturing- high speed machining is an essential part of modern 21st-century technology.


It is over 5 times higher than conventional machining because of its use of larger feed rates.


It also has a per-minute removal rate time that can be increased over 4 times. 

 high speed machining

This is why it is highly essential to purchase a high speed machine only from the most reliable manufacturer to enjoy all its many benefits. 


As time goes and the world advances, new developments must be seen in all areas of engineering, including high speed machining, or else, it will become obsolete. 


Technology is advancing rapidly and new changes are emerging every day, but high speed machining is not left out.


Here are some new trends and changes that have occurred in high speed machining in recent time:


· High speed machining now makes use of software tools like smart machine program and High Speed Milling (HSM) 


· These software tools use thermal control, remote notification, and vibration monitoring to enhance high speed machining’s cost-effectiveness, productivity, and quality


· The axial depth and the spindle speed of a high speed machine can now be catalogued automatically. This has resulted in the highest metal removal rates ever seen.


· A new method has also been introduced for the changing of tool length to ensure that only the most stable zones fall at the highest spindle speed


· To provide a solution to the chatter caused by an escalation of the axial depth of cut leads, relief has been provided by eliminating the cutting edges at the top of the proposed cutting region.


· A new design has been introduced, it uses interior clamping which increases in strength along with speed


· Traditional designs such as the taper designs have also been modified; to make use of location and achieve stiffness primarily by face contact.


· These days, an increase in spindle speed has led to an increase in axis speed, unlike before where one does not translate to the other


· High speed machining can be successfully used on hardened steel materials such as molds or discs 


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