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E-6060 - Lampard CNC Engraving Machine - Manufacturer

E-6060 - Lampard CNC Engraving Machine - Manufacturer
Product Description

The transmission system with high accuracy and rigidity has a decisive influence on the dynamic machining accuracy, response speed and rigidity of the engraving and milling machine. All carving and milling machines of the company are designed with fixed supports at both ends and equipped with appropriate pretension force. Both ends of the ball screw are fixed with two high-precision angular thrust bearings to improve the rigidity. Increase the natural vibration frequency of the machine tool beyond the full range of use, so as to ensure high dynamic machining accuracy and make the adjustment and installation of the servo system easy.

  1. Specification

    Is there any stock:YesAuthentication:ISO9001
    Layout: LampardNumber of tools:21T
    Power type: Mechanical drive Application object:Communication, auto parts, hardware, medical equipment
    Precision:High precisionInterface language:English
    Type:Engraving and milling machineDegree of automation:Automatic
    Processing procedure:Boring and millingNumber of control axes:6-axis (5-axis and 4-linkage)
    Weight:2500KGAfter-sale serviceThree guarantees for one year
    Spindle speed range:24000Main motor power:5.5KW
    Tree axes travel X/Y/Z600*600*250
    Torque of three-axis motor:4/4/4
    Worktable size650*550T-slot size (number*size*spacing)5-14
    Trademarks:LampardSize of equipment2370*2010*2300
    Output: 1000External package: Wooden case
  2. Parameter description

    Spindle  SpeedMaximum speed 24000rpm
    Spindle hole taperER32/BT30
    Spindle servo motor power5.5KW
    Three axes drive motorX axis drive motor0.85KW
    Y axis drive motor0.85KW
    Z axis drive motor0.85KW
    Specification of three-axis ball screwX-axis ball screw3025
    Y-axis ball screw3025
    Z-axis ball screw3025
    Three-axis guide typeX axis guide typeMSA25
    Y axis guide typeMSA25
    Z axis guide typeMSA25
    Working SpeedThree way fast moving speed15000mm/min(X/Y)

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