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GMC 2203 - Lampard Gantry Machining Center - for Sale

GMC 2203 - Lampard Gantry Machining Center - for Sale
GMC 2203 - Lampard Gantry Machining Center - for Sale

The V-shaped structural rib is adopted as the high rigidity design of the base, the best span calculation of the bearing slideway diameter of the worktable, the wide bearing surface, and the best dynamic horizontal accuracy are maintained under the maximum load.

Super large column and crossbeam box structure support to ensure the best rigidity. The crossbeam adopts the inclined back design, and the widened slideway has wide stress. The center of gravity of the head is close to the center of the crossbeam, so as to achieve better movement accuracy and super heavy cutting ability. The overall structure highlights unique high stability. Optimal spindle configuration. The center line of the main shaft is close to the z-axis slide rail, which greatly reduces the bending deformation caused by the influence of thermal deflection and cutting moment, and ensures the best accuracy.

The z-axis double balance weight cylinder is supported by suspension type, close to the center of gravity of the movement, and symmetrical to the optimal configuration of the spindle, driving screw and spindle motor center, so as to eliminate the generation of unbalanced torque and ensure the accuracy of micro feed and long-term machining accuracy. Three axis independent oil-water separation design, easy to recover lubricating oil and cutting fluid.


Parameter description of 2203 gantry machining center

Is there any stock:YesAuthentication:ISO9001
Layout: LampardNumber of tools:24T/30T/40T/60T
Power type: Mechanical drive Application object:Processing of large and medium-sized parts in various mechanical manufacturing fields
Precision:High precisionInterface language:English
Type:Gantry machining centerDegree of automation:Automatic
Processing procedure:Milling, boring, drilling, spot facer, tappingNumber of control axes:6-axis (5-axis and 4-linkage)
Weight:35000KGAfter-sale serviceThree guarantees for one year
Spindle speed range:6000rpmMain motor power:26KW
Tree axes travel X/Y/Z3000*2200*1000Positioning accuracy:0.015/300mm
Worktable size1800*3000Width of gantry2200mm
Trademarks:LampardSize of equipment7000*4000*3700
Output: 1000External package: Wooden case

Original machine configuration
Spindle  SpeedMaximum speed 6000rpm
Spindle hole taperBT50/Φ200
Spindle servo motor poweraiI22/8000 SP
Three axes drive motorX axis drive motoraiF40/3000
Y axis drive motoraiF30/4000
Z axis drive motoraiF30B/4000
Specification of three-axis ball screwX-axis ball screw8016
Y-axis ball screw6310
Z-axis ball screw5010
Three-axis guide typeX axis guide typeRoller linear 55 heavy duty rail
Y axis guide typeRoller linear 55 heavy duty rail
Z axis guide typeRectangular slide rail
Working SpeedThree way fast moving speed12000mm/min(X/Y)

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