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HMC 630 - Lampard Horizontal Machining Center - Manufacturers

HMC 630 - Lampard Horizontal Machining Center - Manufacturers
HMC 630 - Lampard Horizontal Machining Center - Manufacturers

H series horizontal machining center has the characteristics of wide application range, high rigidity, high precision, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability and large torque. It is suitable for the mass production of products with complex shape and high precision, especially for the processing of box and complex structural parts. It is widely used in precision and efficient machining of complex parts in automobile, aerospace, ship and power generation industries, with high automation, wide adaptability, fast moving speed and high production efficiency. Equipped with FANUC 0I MF numerical control system in Japan, it is widely applicable to the processing of large and medium-sized parts in various mechanical manufacturing fields.


   We are a team of professionals who are careful, patient, responsible and enterprising. The team not only includes skilled and experienced senior engineers, but also the new generation who are full of energy and love to learn. We are professional, dedicated, respectful and disciplined.We are good at learning, willing to study, keeping pace with the times, and having dreams. We will never give up until we reach our goal. We have clear values and are determined to be the only one in our customers' mind. We adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship to ensure that "Lampard only produces high-quality products.

    We adapt to the changes of the times and the progress of science and technology, constantly improve our products and services, and strive to provide customers with better products and services. We are united, friendly and affectionate. We will work together to solve any problem in any link, because we firmly believe that only internal harmony and unity of the team can provide better service to the outside world. All of Lampard's staff are looking forward to working with you.

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1. Specification

H50 horizontal machining center parameter description
Is there any stock:YesAuthentication:ISO9001
Layout: LampardNumber of tools:24T/30T/40T/60T
Power type: Mechanical transmissionApplication object:Military, aerospace, automotive, mold, machinery manufacturing
Precision:High precisionInterface language:English
Type:Horizontal machining centerDegree of automation:Automatic
Processing procedure:Milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tappingNumber of control axes:Four axis
Weight:14000KGAfter-sale serviceThree guarantees for one year
Spindle speed range:6000Main motor power:18.5KW
Tree axes travel X/Y/Z1000*700*800Positioning accuracy:0.01/300mm
Worktable size630*700Workbench1°*360
Trademarks:LampardSize of equipment3500X2700X2950mm
Output: 1000External package: Wooden case

2. Configuration description.

Original machine configuration
Spindle  SpeedMaximum speed 6000rpm
Spindle hole taperBT50/Φ200
Spindle servo motor poweraiI18/7000
Four axes drive motorX axis drive motoraiF30B/4000
Y axis drive motoraiF22/3000
Z axis drive motoraiF22/3000
B axis drive motoraiF8/3000
Specification of three-axis ball screwX-axis ball screw4012
Y-axis ball screw4012
Z-axis ball screw5012
Three-axis guide typeX axis guide typeRGW45
Y axis guide typeRGW45
Z axis guide typeRGW45
Working SpeedThree way fast moving speed30000mm/min(X/Y)

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