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VMC 1160 - Lampard Vertical Machining Center - Manufacturers

VMC 1160 - Lampard Vertical Machining Center - Manufacturers
VMC 1160 - Lampard Vertical Machining Center - Manufacturers

(1) High rigidity and high precision mechanism design

High quality HT300 cast iron is purchased for main structural parts, with stable structure and permanent quality assurance. The casting is analyzed and calculated by the finite element analysis method, with reasonable structural strength and scientific reinforcement rib arrangement, providing high mechanical rigidity. The base is wide and solid, the column is a box structure, the saddle is widened and lengthened, and the design structure of full support for heavy load is solid, which can ensure the heavy load capacity during processing. The spindle is reinforced with ribs, and the contact length ratio between the spindle head and the column is appropriate to provide stable support for the spindle.

(2) High speed and high precision transmission system.

The X / Y / Z three-axis adopts linear slide rail, which has the characteristics of high rigidity, low noise and bottom friction coefficient. It can be used for fast displacement and obtaining the best circular accuracy. Fast displacement X / Y axis 30m / min. Z axis 24m / min.

  1. Specification

    LV-1160Technical index
    Worktable size600 mm*1200 mm
    Three-way travel1100mm×600mm×600mm
    Workbench maximum bearing800kg
    Distance from spindle end to worktable175mm-775mm
    Distance from the centre of the spindle to the track of the pillar645mm
    Spindle motor power11kw
    Spindle speed10000rpm
    Spindle tapered holeBT40
    Spindle central water discharge(optional)
    Rapid feed speed36000 mm/min
    CNC systemFANUC OIMF(Type 1)
    Automatic tool change time(adjacent)0.8-3s
    Tool magazine capacity24
    Positioning accuracy±0.006/300 mm
    Repositioning Accuracy0.006mm
    Machine size3250mm*2850mm*2750mm
    Machine weight8000kg

  2. Product parameter

    vertical machine center  LV 1160 parameter description
    Is there any stock:YesAuthentication:ISO9001
    Layout: LampardNumber of tools:24T
    Power type: Belt drive Application object:Mold
    Precision:High precisionInterface language:English
    Type:Vertical machining centerDegree of automation:Automatic
    Processing procedure:Boring and millingNumber of control axes:6-axis (5-axis and 4-linkage)
    Weight:7500KGAfter-sale serviceThree guarantees for one year
    Spindle speed range:15000Main motor power:11KW
    Tree axes travel X/Y/Z1100*600*600Positioning accuracy:0.005/300mm
    Worktable size1200*600T-slot size (number*size*spacing)18*5*100
    Trademarks:LampardSize of equipment3200*2961*2494 mm
    Output: 1000External package: Wooden case

    Original machine configuration
    Spindle  SpeedMaximum speed 10000rpm
    Spindle hole taperBT40/Φ150
    Spindle servo motor poweraiF8/10000 SP(11KW)
    Three axes drive motorX axis drive motoraiF22/3000
    Y axis drive motoraiF22/3000
    Z axis drive motoraiF22B/3000
    Specification of three-axis ball screwX-axis ball screw4012
    Y-axis ball screw4012
    Z-axis ball screw4012
    Three-axis guide typeX axis guide typeMSA35
    Y axis guide typeMSA35
    Z axis guide typeMSA35
    Working SpeedThree way fast moving speed30000mm/min(X/Y)

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