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VMC 850 - Lampard Vertical Machining Center - Manufacturers

VMC 850 - Lampard Vertical Machining Center - Manufacturers
VMC 850 - Lampard Vertical Machining Center - Manufacturers

1). The unique large span structure of the base and column can bear the inertia generated by high g. the chip removal system of the machine adopts the rear row type, with the best chip removal angle and super large flow.

2). The straight knot high-speed spindle is responsive, with the design of the short nose end of the spindle. The short nose spindle has excellent rigidity, which can improve efficiency and reduce tool wear. The transmission efficiency of the spindle motor is maximized, the cutting rigidity is excellent, the machining accuracy is improved, and the service life of the spindle is prolonged. The straight spindle is assembled with high-grade precision bearings. The main body is designed with light weight, low centrifugal force, good rigidity and low expansion coefficient, which can obtain better accuracy and spindle life.

3). The three-axis rapid displacement is 48m, greatly reducing the processing time. Large pitch screw and high-speed rail, linear rail wear is very small, very long service life. It is suitable for high-speed operation and greatly reduces the driving horsepower required by the machine. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, low noise, low friction and high sensitivity, which can improve the processing speed and accuracy.

4). Heighten the column design, and reserve the fourth and fifth axis space. The z-axis is designed with no counterweight and brake servo motor to improve the driving performance of Z-axis and achieve high speed and optimal surface finish.

5). The closed protective cover is designed to move smoothly and with low noise at high speed, effectively block the chip liquid and chips, so as to achieve the best protection and service life of the wire rail and screw.


VMC milling machine details

  1. Specification: 

BJ-V8Technical index
Worktable size500 mm*1000 mm
Three-way travel800mm×500mm×500mm
Workbench maximum bearing500kg
Distance from spindle end to worktable170mm-670mm
Distance from the centre of the spindle to the track of the pillar650mm
Spindle motor power7.5kw
Spindle speed12000rpm(direct connect)
Spindle tapered holeBT40
Spindle central water discharge(optional)
Rapid feed speed48000 mm/min
CNC systemFANUC OIMF(Type 1)
Automatic tool change time(adjacent)0.8-3s
Tool magazine capacity24
Torque of feed motor35.8Nm
Positioning accuracy±0.006/300 mm
Repositioning Accuracy0.005mm
Machine size2600mm*2550mm*2550mm
Machine weight4500kg

   2. Configuration:

No.NamePlace of OriginManufacturersSpecifications
2X-axis ball screwTaiwanHIWINDia. 36mm/ Distance between screw 16mm
3Y-axis ball screwTaiwanHIWINDia. 36mm/ Distance between screw 16mm
4Z-axis ball screwTaiwanHIWINDia. 36mm/ Distance between screw 16mm
5Three axle bearingJapan.GremanyNTN/FAGScrew bevel support bearing 30X62
6X axis line railTaiwanPMI(roller)35mm Four slide block
7Y axis line railTaiwanPMI(roller)35mm Four slide block
8Z axis line railTaiwanPMI(roller)35mm Four slide block
9Fuselage castingChinaMIKEHT-300
10Automatic Lubrication SystemInvestment from TaiwanBAOTN
11CouplingInvestment from TaiwanREACH28GS
12Three axis shieldInvestment from TaiwanHW
13Knife Cylinder and Supercharging CylinderInvestment from TaiwanHao cheng/Chen Sound4500kg
15PulleyInvestment from TaiwanMHN8YU-48T
16Tool MagazineJiangsuChen Sound/OKDA/DesuDisc type BT40-24 tool
17Electrical accessoriesGermanySchneider
18Operation panelShanghaiBinjie
20X/Y axis drive motorJapanFANUCβ22
21Z axis drive motorJapanFANUCβ30B
22Spindle motorJapanFANUCβ8/12000

Job samples

Processing condition: 

ToolRPMFeedRetracting distance
1D4(End mill)6800F1500
2D2(End mill)7200F1200
3D4(Finishing milling cutter)7000F800
4Ф4(Point drill tool)4000F200
5Ф0.65(Bit cutter)4000F180Q 0.35
6Ф0.42(Bit cutter)5000F160Q 0.25
7Ф2.5(Bit cutter)3800F200Q 0.08

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