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High Speed Machining
High Speed Machining

High Speed Machining

High speed machining is a new and high technology facing the 21st century. It is characterized by high efficiency, high precision and high surface quality. It has been widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace, mold manufacturing, instrumentation and other industries, and has achieved significant technical and economic benefits. It is an important part of modern advanced manufacturing technology.

Reasons of Choosing High Speed Machining

High speed machining allows to use a larger feed rate, which is 5-10 times higher than the conventional machining, and the material removal rate per unit time can be increased by 3-6 times. When a large number of metal cutting parts are needed, the processing time can be greatly reduced
Because high-speed cutting adopts very shallow cutting depth and narrow cutting width, the cutting force is small. Compared with conventional cutting, the cutting force can be reduced by at least 30%, which can reduce the machining deformation for machining parts with poor rigidity, making it possible to cut some thin-walled fine workpieces
Because the excitation frequency of cutting tool is far away from the natural frequency of the process system, it will not cause the forced vibration of the process system, which ensures a better processing state. Because the cutting depth, cutting width and cutting force are very small, the deformation of tool and workpiece is small, the accuracy of dimension is maintained, the cutting damage layer is thin, the residual stress is small, and the machining with high precision and low roughness is realized
The material after quenching cannot be processed by conventional machining, and the quenching deformation must be repaired manually or solved by discharge machining. High speed cutting can directly process the quenched materials. In many cases, it can completely eliminate the EDM process, eliminate the surface hardening problem caused by EDM, and reduce or eliminate the artificial finishing. Because the characteristics of high-speed cutting determine that high-speed cutting can save cutting fluid, cutting tool material and cutting time, which can greatly save natural resources, reduce environmental pollution, improve productivity and product quality. Therefore, the application of high-speed cutting in industrial production, especially in large-scale automobile enterprises and related mold manufacturing industry has a "Prairie fire" Potential
High speed cutting is the core technology to realize high efficiency manufacturing. The intensification of working procedure and the generalization of equipment make it have high production efficiency. It can be said that high-speed machining is an indispensable technology to improve machining efficiency without increasing the number of equipment. Its technical features are as follows:(1) The spindle speed of the machine tool is very high, generally the spindle speed is 10000-15000 R / min;(2) The cutting speed is very high, which is generally considered to be 5-10 times higher than that of ordinary cutting;(3) The feed speed is very high, usually 15-50 M / min, and the maximum is 90 m / min
4 in the cutting process, the blade passing frequency is close to the dominant natural frequency of "machine tool workpiece" system. 5 for different cutting materials and tool materials, the meaning of high-speed cutting is also different
Compared with traditional machining, high-speed machining can significantly improve the cutting speed, which leads to the increase of friction between workpiece and front tool surface and the increase of chip and tool contact surface temperature. At this contact point, the high temperature brought by friction can reach the melting point of the workpiece material, making the chips soft or even liquefied, thus greatly reducing the resistance to the cutting tool, that is to say, reducing the cutting force, making the cutting lighter and smoother. At the same time, 70% - 80% of the heat generated by machining is concentrated on the chip, and the chip removal speed is very fast, so the heat transferred to the workpiece is greatly reduced, and the machining accuracy is improved. The advantages of high-speed machining technology are: improving production efficiency; improving machining accuracy and surface quality; reducing cutting resistance

Specification of vertical high speed machining center

X/Y/Z axismm900/600/5501100/600/600
Distance from spindle end to tablemm120-670175-775
Distance from spindle center to columm600645
Guide typeBall rail
Size L*Wmm1050*5001200*600
Max capacityKG300800
Spindle taper (model/installation size)mmBT40φ150BT40φ150
Spindle speedrpm1500015000
Spindle drive modeDirect connectionDirect connection
Spindle motor power / torquekw/NM(Max)7.5-11/47.77.5-11/47.7
X axis servo motorkw44
Y axis servo motorkw44
Z axis servo motorkw44
Three-axis servo motor torqueNM(Max)64/64/6464/64/64
Coolant motorm³/h-m4-404-40
X/Y/Z axis rapid feedm/min30/30/2424/24/24
Maximum cutting feedmm/min1000010000
Machine size
Standard accessories
Automatic Oil Feeding Lubrication SystemRigid tappingLED warning lampAutomatic power-off system
Full Cover Sealed Sheet MetalAir conditionerLED light
Handhold Blowing GunOil cooler
Optional accessories
Triaxial grating rulerTool profile detectorMotorized spindle
Spindle center water outlet systemDisc magazineHollow screw rod
Oil recovery systemFourth axis

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