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How to Track Production Progress ?

Check the assembly progress of the machine tool through the check card of the assembly process of the numerical control machine tool

On-the-spot investigation

Live broadcast, video, etc.

What conditions should be met for outgoing quality inspection ?

Machine tool cutting and normal empty operation

Geometric inspection accuracy is qualified

The machine parameters are qualified, the machine tool operates without impact, the circularity error is within 5 microns, and the rigid tapping error is within 0.5 micron.

The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of machine tool shall conform to GB / T 17421.2-2000.

Cutting of standard parts complies with acceptance

The customer needs to confirm the extent to which the plant, water, electricity, gas, foundation, and these conditions need to be met ?

The width and height of the factory gate can accommodate the access of machine tools.

The water source is sufficient and the voltage meets the normal use voltage of the machine tool (industrial power three-phase four wire 380V, 50Hz).

The air compressor supplying the air source of the machine tool can supply the gas stably.

The foundation has good compression resistance and hardness, flatness is required to be within 5mm

The customer is required to prepare the following items in advance:

25KW voltage regulator (each machine tool set)

Guide oil, cutting fluid, white oil 20 L

The diameter of copper bar is more than 16mm, the length is more than 100mm, one end is sharpened to hit the floor.

Gas source (more than 6kg pressure), φ 10 mm wide gas pipe, the length of which is required to be able to be connected from the gas source outlet to the machine tool gas source inlet.

The length of the three-phase four wire cable with an area of more than 10 mm(based on machine size) is required to be able to be connected to the voltage regulator from the distribution box. There is a certain amount of surplus in the length from the voltage regulator to the machine tool.

Clean cloth and gasoline

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